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On no – its’ going to be cold!  “The Arizona Bowl” at Litchfield Park and “The Legends Only” at Wickenburg, Arizona are postponed!  The weather the next four days in Ar
Did you know that at the #10 Truck roping we had in Rapid City during this past fourth of July, that not only did we award the truck to Amelia McGuire by winning the most points in the Average, but fi
I realize that this format isn’t for everyone, but I also know that are a few of our members who want to have higher entry fees and fewer teams to compete against. We’re calling this new ropin
in Billings, Montana, July 7-8 -- We moved this roping to the Cottonwood Equestrian Center southwest of Billings this year. Team totals were 1,200. This was the first #8 truck ropi