General Rules


The NTR Memberships are required to rope in any National Team Roping Tour event.

If you have an Elite number, you can rope in all of our ropings, but the same rules apply. That means two Elites can’t rope together if their combined handicap exceeds the roping number.

Roping Rules:

There are three legal head catches – slick horns, half head and around the neck.

The header must have control of the steer when it is turned and the steers head must be bent before the heel loop can be thrown.

We flag on the heels. The heeler’s rope must be tight with a full wrap prior to the flag being dropped.

If the barrier is broken 5 seconds will be added to the team’s time.

There is a 5 second penalty for single leg catches by the heeler.

It is the header’s responsibility to make sure the arena is clear before the steer is called for.

If the roper is visibly fouled or the steer is injured, as in the case of a broken horn, the roper must declare this by pulling up.

All decisions of the flagger are final.


Any abuse of livestock will NOT BE TOLERATED!

If the header has a front leg, steer or horse, in their head loop it is a no time.

If the steer makes it to the catch pen the run is over.

A roper that fails to make it to the box when they are called for, that roper will forfeit all money and prizes. If this happens in the first round of a drawpot, the partner that was in the box, will be drawn another partner.

Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a disqualification.

If a team is turned out or ropes out of order in the short round, they will be disqualified.


If you have a question or concern regarding your run, address it immediately.

NTR reserves the right to use any images taken at an event for NTR marketing purposes.

If a situation arises that is not covered under these rules, it will be addressed by the National Team Roping Tour’s management.