Katie Yost is our versatility queen. She can time, she can announce, she’s a heck of a big-rig driver and she also takes entries and processes memberships. If you’ve been to Yost Arena in Billi
Kellie Yost is Katie’s younger sister; she’s the sunshiny blonde taking entries at many Western Frontier Tour ropings. If you’re having a tough morning or a poor day roping, she will get a sm
Teddi Hammock is the petite blonde behind the scenes at every NAA event, north or south. She enters teams, computes payoffs and is basically Yost Event’s expert trouble-shooter.When a roper isn’
Michelle “Shelly” Mitchell can do it all. She often announces the NAA’s Western Frontier Tour ropings, and if she’s not doing that, she might be loading cattle in the lead-up, timing, takin
Jody Driver owns the voice you hear at all of the NAA Sun Country events in Arizona and a select few in the north. She not only can run through 130 teams an hour, but also takes care of the rest of
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