2023 Membership

Current NTR Memberships are required to rope in any National Team Roping Tour event. National Team Roping Tour memberships purchased now are good through December 31, 2023. The 2023 NTR memberships will remain at $40. Ropers 70 years old or older, or 12 and under within the calendar year will continue to receive complimentary memberships.

VIP Memberships Explained

The NTR is offering a VIP membership. Special VIP cash bonuses will be up for grabs at our nationwide events throughout the year. If the average winners of a bonus roping are VIP members they will be awarded the advertised cash bonus. VIP memberships are $140. If you already have a current 2023 NTR membership or a free Legends membership, and you are 21 years old, you can upgrade to VIP status for $100. You must be a current VIP member prior to the roping to be eligible for the VIP bonus. (VIP cash bonuses will be advertised per team. If only one roper is a valid VIP member they will receive their half of the advertised bonus cash.)

If you have an Elite number, you can rope in all of our ropings, but the same rules apply. That means two Elites can’t rope together if their combined handicap exceeds the roping number.