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Typically it’s seasoned veterans who win the big prizes. In our experience, 12-year-old ropers usually can’t catch three steers in a row. Well, Colten Fletcher isn’t your typical 12-year-old. Th
You could use a lot of adjectives to describe this one . . .  great big, well run, good cattle... but the best would be "one million." As in $1,000,000 in ADDED MONEY - nobody is doin
If you're coming to Arizona this winter, come on.  Everyone is starting to have their ropings this month; by the middle of November there will be jackpots every day.  
The Louie and Duke Classic roping in Casa Grande, Arizona,  this weekend - Nov. 10-11 - kicks off the NAA Sun Country Tour. This will be our second year back to support this great
In the Match of Champions on Friday and Saturday, at the Western Frontier Finals, you must be in the top 100 of your roping division to rope. Those standings will be final after Sunday, September 2
At the Western Frontier Finals, the MegaBucks Finale is enter two times, for $300 per man, 80% payback. This roping will have a draw in option available, so if you need a partner you will be able to d