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Monday, Aug 27th, 2012

$10,000 Guaranteed

At the Western Frontier Finals, the MegaBucks Finale is enter two times, for $300 per man, 80% payback. This roping will have a draw in option available, so if you need a partner you will be able to draw one onsite. With the draw in option, it may cause a

roper to be in the MegaBucks Finale three times. ANYONE CAN ENTER THE MegaBucks Finale. I have guaranteed that this roping will pay $10,000 a team for first in the average.

There have been 12 teams throughout the year that have won 1st in the average at an NAA tour stop that will have a free roll into the Finale. You have to rope with the person you won with. If that person is not coming or got their classification in - creased and you are no longer eligible as a team to enter, then you can rope with a different partner, however your partner will still have to pay his/her entry fee.