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Wednesday, Nov 7th, 2012

USTRC Finals Unbelievable

You could use a lot of adjectives to describe this one . . .  great big, well run, good cattle... but the best would be "one million." As in $1,000,000 in ADDED MONEY - nobody is doing that!  Even Cheyenne Frontier Days, one of the biggest rodeos in the world, adds less then $475,000.

I really want to tip my hat to the USTRC for making that type of commitment to our sport.  I had a chance to win some of that money in the #13 preliminary roping.  I was high call by almost 3 seconds, needing to be a long 11 seconds on the final steer to wrap up the win.  I could only catch a leg, alas, back to the practice pen (I love this sport.)