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Thursday, Feb 5th, 2015

National Nine Payoff



Everyone knows that I have guaranteed for first in the average to pay the $100,000, but there have been some questions about the rest of the payoff.  I’ve been dragging my feet a little on this because I didn’t want to over promise the payout but I think we have reached a point where I’m fairly confident of the number of teams that will be entered.  The total roping’s payout should easily reach $250,000 – which was my goal for year one.     

Here’s how it will breakdown:

Main Average          Go Rounds            Consolation

                                   1st - 3rd

1st     $100,000         1st     $3,000        1st    $6,000

2nd    $35,000          2nd    $1,000        2nd    $4,000

3rd     $25,000          1st     $3,000        3rd    $3,000

4th     $15,000          2nd    $1,000        4th    $2,000

5th     $12,000          1st     $3,000

6th     $8,000            2nd    $1,000

7th     $6,000

8th     $5,000

9th     $4,000

10th   $3,000

11th -15th in the Average to receive $2,000 a team

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