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Wednesday, Mar 18th, 2015

National Nine and National Eight


The format of the NTR qualifiers is simple . . . 4 steer, $100 per man, pick or draw, enter twice.  For every 20 entered teams, one team advances to the Finale.  In addition, each advancing team receives $1,000 to pay for gas, hotel, or other expenses while getting to the Finale.

In year one it took some time for ropers to understand just what all was up for grabs.   That for $100 entry fee you could qualify to rope at the National Nine Finale with no additional entry fee and that $100,000 was guaranteed for the winning team at the Finale. 

After some of the skepticism settled, $100,000 suddenly became reachable to a whole lot of ropers.  That you could win 500 times your $100 entry investment started grabbing everyone’s attention!

With a $100 entry fee and a payout of $50,000 per man, the National Nine and now the National Eight, have a 500 time return on your entry fee! In comparison, look at the return on the biggest Open roping in world, the George Strait Classic held every year in March. 

The entry fee at the George Strait Classic is $1,000 per team.  First in the average in 2015 paid a whopping $272,000, however that is still only a 272 times return on the entry.  Granted at the George Strait the winning team also wins trucks and trailers, however even if you combine that into the cash winnings it still doesn’t come close to what we are doing at the National Team Roping Tour. 

Check out the upcoming events and watch our schedule to see where you can qualify to rope at the National Nine Finale and National Eight Finale in Wickenburg, Arizona the week of March 5-12, 2017.  It is the roper’s best place for high payouts with low entry fees.