New National Finale Format 2018

At the 2018 NTR National Finals IV, we will offer the following Finale divisions; National 11, National 10, National 9 and National 8 with Qualifiers throughout the season.

All divisions will have two entry options: 1. Direct enter these divisions for $500 per roper OR 2. Win an entry at a qualifying roping reducing the entry fees to $400 per roper. Simply, a qualifying entry = cheaper entry fees!

2018 NTR FINALE FORMAT: Each Finale division is Pick or Draw, Enter 3X, 80% Payback at the Finale. To earn a qualifying entry the roper must win $500 at a NTR qualifying event. No Cap in the National 11, National 10 capped at 6, National 9 capped at 5E, National 8 Capped at 4E. There will be a modified format in the National 7. Qualified fees will be $250 and direct entry fees will be $325.

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