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Monday, Jan 17th, 2011

Arizona Bowl V Wrap up

Litchfield Park, AZ - 750 Teams roped at the 2011 Arizona Bowl V held January 14, 15 in Litchfield Park. The teams enjoyed the low entry fees and high payouts - $10,000 for first each day was guaranteed.

Friday’s beautiful weather greeted the ropers for the #10 Over 40 roping. With 269 teams, the roping was tight as a 19.79 was the cutoff to make the top 30 short round after two head. Troubles set in the short round with lots of teams having problems including 8 misses in the top 10.

Legs placed deep in the average with a 34.10 on three head holding on for 10th in the average. The big win went to Mark Stafford and Keith Jacobs as they nailed their short round steer for a three head average of 22.69 to win $10,000.

Saturday was more of the same – low fees, high payouts with 301 teams in the #9 Roping. Traveling partners, Kerry Black and Burke Moore, made a smooth run from the second high call which held on for the win as the number one high back missed. Their tough 21.01 on three head made them a tidy $10,000 for the afternoon.

Total Teams 749

Total Payoff $74,870