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Wednesday, Dec 22nd, 2010

Superb Turnout at No Wolves Casa Grande

More than 400 teams roped in perfect weather in Casa Grande on Sunday, Dec. 19, with 24 ropers taking home eight trophy saddles, six halters and 10 jackets, not to mention plenty of cash.

In the #8 Century to warm everyone up, Rachel Mendoza grabbed first place with Tom Osadczuk in 29.63 seconds on three and hocked another one with Joni Rohloff in 34.16 for fourth place to pad her pockets with $885. Meanwhile, John Forrest was also on his game, placing second and third with Sam Scott and Larry Spradlin, respectively, to earn $880. Fees were just $40 a run.

In the #8 No Wolves Allowed roping where eight saddles were guaranteed, Kerry Black and Mark Beard bested more than 300 teams to stretch three in 27.30 seconds for two new fully tooled saddles and $2,000 cash. Other saddle and cash winners were Ricardo Ramirez, Harold Yazzie, Bert Croteau, Samuel Marquez, Guy Held and Mario Ybarra.

It took only three runs of 37.59 to win a jacket or tooled leather bronc halter and earn three times the cost of the entry at the No Wolves Allowed Sunday.

And the fun is just beginning! The National All Amateurs Tour hits Wickenburg on Sunday (the day after Christmas) with $5,000 guaranteed for first in the #9 Super Roping, and rolls into Dunn’s Arena in Phoenix on New Year’s Day with another eight trophy saddles guaranteed in the #8 Roping.

Happy holidays, and good luck roping!