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Thursday, Oct 28th, 2010

How do I collect points?

All you have to do is enter. You automatically get one point for every time that you enter toward the NAA Standings. In other words if you enter the draw for 3 partners you get 3 points, or 6 partners gets you 6 points and so on.

If you place in the average, you will receive points starting at 20 for 1st in the average down to each hole that is paid in the average: 1st ave = 20 points per partner, 2nd ave = 19 points per partner, 3rd ave = 18 points per partner, etc.

Check the standings. At anytime, you can just click on the standings tab, and then pick your division to see where you stand in the points.

We will keep track of season standings in each division; you will receive points by placing in the average of the roping and also by entering. We will be awarding a Top 10 in each division (#5, #4, #3 and under) header and heeler,and your points will also qualify you for “The Match of Champions” held during the National All Amateurs Finals to be held February 25-27, 2011.