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Monday, Jan 18th, 2010

Classifications (read more)

While conversations about classifications in our sport have been nonstop ever since the conception of the USTRC, in fact those USTRC classifications are the reason we enjoy the large ropings and hefty payouts that are commonplace anymore. The sport has shown this growth because the industry has adhered to a set of rules regarding ropers’ abilities. There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that your level of competition is consistent from Florida to California.

There are plenty of different membership card classifications out there – but let’s be honest, those classifications were initially (and still are) based on your USTRC classification.And rightfully so, considering the USTRC has done a remarkable job amassing more than 20 years of data on over 160,000 ropers across the country.

The World Series organization has created some new conversations among ropers by issuing its own classifications in 2010. I have some huge concerns about another new classification system. I believe with a new system, it’s inevitable that a particular roper can get an advantage that creates a disadvantage to other ropers who didn’t get the nod.

I feel that introducing another classification system will fragment the industry and cause team ropings to once again become regionalized and broken down into little backyard jackpots with each set of ropers protecting their own.

I’ve had a couple of conversations about these concerns with Denny Gentry, and he told me that my concern is exactly what he wasn’t trying to do.He said he was only trying to service his membership and that he doesn’t see or want his classifications used outside of World Series events.