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Wednesday, Jan 13th, 2010

Southern Championship Series

When does the SCS Season start?

The Southern Championship Series is in full swing. We are looking forward to the third year of the
Southern Championships Team Roping Series. This year we anticipate almost 30,000 teams participating at SCS Qualifier events and over $50,000 in added money and prizes at the SCS Finals.

Who can rope at the SCS finals?

Everyone can rope at the SCS Finals. There will be Preliminary ropings and Shoot-Out ropings in for all levels of ropers. Any roper can rope in the Preliminary ropings, which in fact is the easiest way to advance
to the Shoot-Out ropings, as the top 10 percent of teams advance to the Shoot-Out roping.

How do I get SCS Shoot-Outs?

There are 4 ways to obtain Shoot-Out positions:

1.) Teams who place at SCS Sanctioned Ropings: 1st place average winners will be guaranteed ShootOut
positions. Additional ShootOuts will be awarded depending on the size of the roping. Roping that
gross over $6,000 will also award a ShootOut for 2nd place, ropings that gross over $10,000 will award
shootouts through 3rd place in the average.

2.) Ropers can win ShootOuts by placing in the preliminary ropings at the SCS Finals – top 10 pecent of the prelimary ropings advance to the Shoot-Out Roping.

3.) Ropers may also buy ShootOut positions if they have not earned one throughout the season. These
will be “High Roller ShootOuts” - the idea is to have these help fund some of the added money – the
High Roller entry fee will be $500 per team.

4.) Ropers can also earn Shoot-Outs through the Yost Events Ropers Reward program.

What are the formats for SCS Qualifiers?

There will be no set formats for a SCS qualifier roping. Each producer will decide on it’s own the best product to produce. There will be some stipulations however on which roping will be qualifiers.

Where does the added money come from?

The SCS Sanctioning fee will be 4% (shared eaqually; 1/3 from the headers pot, 1/3 from the heelers pot, 1/3 from the producers pot) of the roping gross at each SCS Qualifier roping, not to exceed $4 per team.
100% of this sanction fee will be added in it’s entirety in added money and awards to the SCS Finals.