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Sunday, Sep 8th, 2013

FAQ about the Western Frontier Finals

Anybody Can Enter.
You don't have to qualify to rope at the Finals in the following ropings: the #10, the Legends Only, the MegaBucks Finale, the #9, the #8 or the #7. All you have to do is be a current National All Amateurs member, and you can buy that membership when you arrive. We do also offer two ropings that only take the top 30 in the Western Frontier Tour standings - those are the #10 Bracket of Champions and the #8 Bracket of Champions. 
First in MegaBucks Finale will Pay $10,000!
This roping is GUARANTEED to pay $10,000 regardless of the number of teams. It is a four-head roping, progressive on one, enter 2 times. No partner? You can draw one as long as your classification is at least a #4. 
The Bracket of Champions is a new match-roping format with 100 percent payback including Gist trophy buckles.
If you are ranked in the top 30 in your classification division in the Western Frontier Tour, you can rope in the #10 Bracket of Champions (if you're a #5) or the #8 Bracket of Champions (if you're a #3 or #4). You can either pick a partner who is also in the top 30 (and draw the second partner) or draw both partners. Your first steer will be a one-head match against the next team in your bracket. If you win, you and your partner advance. If you lose, you and your partner are out. The winning teams will keep advancing until we are down to the final 3 or 4 teams - then we'll have a two-steer match roping between them to determine the champions.
The truck will be a one-ton, 4x4, four-door, automatic Dodge Cummins.
This goes to the high-point roper of the #10 Roping! I know some ropers want a Ford, some ropers want a Chevy and some prefer a Dodge, so of course we can't keep everyone happy. Last time we gave away a Ford; this time it's a Dodge. A nice one.
Must be 50 years old to enter the Legends Championships.  
That's pretty simple, must be 50 years to rope.