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By Ty Yost / 
Friday, Apr 19th, 2013

Thoughts from Ty

 I was doing an interview last week with a team roping publication – the “The All Around” out of New Mexico – when the interviewer, Ryan Davis, asked me this question: “What makes the NAA work? Why do you always get the teams?” I was caught off-guard. I had assumed he was going to ask me, “Who won this or that?  How many teams were there?” and those kinds of questions.  As I’ve had some time to think more about the questions, I’ve realized that the NAA’s slogan to “Demand It All” is dead on. We really do take pride in our events – we spend the money on good-quality cattle and give reruns as needed; we provide good customer service with personal attention; and further, we provide an environment that focuses on the amateur roper. We provide NAA members the opportunity to win big dollars and to compete for season championships.

I realize that over the course of the 25,000 entered teams we have throughout the year, not every roper will agree on what warrants a rerun or on a decision we had to make. But let me assure you, we make those tough decisions with the fairness of the contest (the roping) as our number-one priority. So we sometimes get caught in the squeeze between customer service and being the official/referee of the event. If you’re a current NAA member, I want to thank you for being involved in our association. If you haven’t had a chance to rope at an NAA event yet, please join us!


Thanks for your time.

Ty Yost